Vinyl Siding Supplies

Your home is designed to protect you from the rain, the snow, extreme temperature conditions and it creates an environment of safety and security for you and your family. You may guess that much of the protection that your home offers you comes from the roof, but there is another really important aspect of your home that keeps you better protected and creates a pleasing visual aesthetic as well.

The siding of your house aids in many of the safety elements of your home including barriers from weather conditions and even helping to keep it more insulated. One of the most common siding materials found on houses and apartments is the vinyl siding. Due to the different types of vinyl siding available, its versatility, and the way it is installed, it makes this kind of siding a popular choice.

Siding Supplier for DIY

If you have considered updating your home’s curb appeal, you may have thought that updating the siding was out of the question because of the cost. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Campbell’s Quality Exteriors has vinyl siding to create the perfect look on the exterior of your home.You can get these materials for any do-it-yourself projects. We believe in giving you the guidance so you will feel confident in replacing your home siding by yourself. The team at Campbell’s is willing to help you factor out a materials list for your project, and offers a wide variety of siding and color options. Doing it yourself will obviously save on labor costs, and makes changing or repairing your home exterior a realistic goal.

Types of Vinyl Siding

There are all different styles of houses in the world and vinyl siding can be as diverse as they are. Campbell’s siding comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors that will meet any of your needs. These various kinds of vinyl siding supplies allow you to pick exactly what will work best for your home at an affordable price. You can pick through a number of high quality pieces that can match your preference.

Some of these supply options can include:

Smooth Vinyl
Beaded Seam
Traditional Lap
Dutch Lap
Board and Batten
Wood Grain

Materials and Tools

Aside from the vinyl itself, there are a number of other supplies and materials that are used in the installation process. Whether you bought the material with the intention of installing it yourself, you have a professional installer coming, or you are a contractor, these vinyl siding supplies and tools are what is used throughout this process. Many of these vinyl siding supplies need to be tailored specifically for cutting and installing vinyl siding and could be materials such as:
Power saw
Vinyl saw blade
Shingle nails
Corner moldings
Starter strips

These are just a few examples of what you or a professional vinyl siding company will use when installing these vinyl siding panels to your home.

Advantages to DIY

Campbell’s can cut your vinyl to size, so that you won’t need to make nearly as many cuts, but it could be helpful to have a saw on site anyway. When we create a comprehensive supply list for you, you should expect all of these materials to be included. It may seem overwhelming at first, but keep in mind how much money you will save doing the job yourself. Not to mention, not having to wait on countless wait lists hoping they get to you before the Idaho weather changes for the winter.

Advantages to Vinyl Siding

One of the biggest advantages and draws towards vinyl siding over wood, brick, or aluminum is that they are extremely low-maintenance. Vinyl is not as prone to dents that can happen in storms and normal wear and tear and can effectively last longer to the other alternatives. You also have the opportunity to choose from many different, pre-made colors to design exactly the right exterior for you. This top-quality material is a great addition to any and every home as it protects from outside events while not breaking down as easily as other materials.

About Campbell’s Quality Exteriors

Owning a home is a big responsibility, and at Campbell’s we want to help protect your home and make it look the best as possible we can. We understand the importance of quality workmanship and materials on something as important as your home. Our team has loved the opportunity to install and serve the people in the Idaho Falls and surrounding areas. If you are considering vinyl siding for home, be sure to contact the experts at Campbell’s Quality Exteriors. We can help you calculate just how much siding you will need to do the job yourself. We can also give you advice on installation, and be a shoulder to lean on throughout the process.

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