Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding 

Siding is a crucial part of keeping your home or any building protected and valuable. Siding protects against all of the debris of life. It is important to have it and have it done well. At Campbell’s Quality Exterior, we provide a wide range of siding based on material, affordability, and look. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of quality in our services and are able to cater to your specific needs. 

Vinyl siding alone is one of the most popular materials to use for siding because it is long lasting, low maintenance, and comes in many different sizes and designs. Shake siding alone is used to add more of a decorative and attractive flair to the building. Recently, vinyl cedar shake siding has become more popular, as it takes the benefits from vinyl siding and shake siding, providing an amazing new quality and look to your home. 

What is Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding?

A long time ago, wooden shakes were created as the standard for how you would protect your home from all of the elements. However, wood itself is not the most durable and can only last for so long before it cracks, curls, or gets ruined by the amount of water and sunlight it is enduring. Vinyl was introduced not long after and often replaced shakes – as they were more durable than wood. 

Then vinyl cedar shake was introduced, consisting of weather resistant panels that take on the appearance of wood. It is supposed to mimic the look of real cedar shakes, while having all the perks of vinyl material. You are getting the best of both worlds with this product. They can come in all different textures and sizes. They also have the ability to contract and expand with temperature so they are able to adapt and be flexible rather than breaking.

Common Types

There are three common types of vinyl shake siding that are mostly used for houses or apartment buildings. Depending on the look you want for the house, you can get the siding in:

  • Scalloped Shingles: These consist of a row or strip of shingles that have a round/curved shape on the bottom of them. They can be used to offset the gables on a house and add a beautiful look to them. 
  • Vertical Planks: These sidings can draw the eye up toward the roof of the house and make the house appear taller. It is also more resistant to weather compared to the others. 
  • Horizontal Planks: This is the most common among the types of siding. It is one that is easy to install and can take on the look of wood the easiest. 
scalloped shakes vinyl siding

Main Builds 

There are three main types of homes or buildings that this kind of siding is usually used for, based on its look and material. 

  • Vacation Homes: Whether it is on the seaside or in the mountains, this siding is an optimal choice to work with. There’s a lot of elements like salt water, snow, rain, bugs, etc. in either of these places. It can protect against these things while also achieving that desired rustic, cabin look. 
  • Residential Homes: This siding is a great one to choose for your house. If you use it for a new build, it can help elevate the look of your home. Or you can use it to renovate old, historic homes, to still give it that wood look but make the maintenance easier to keep up with. 
  • Commercial Buildings: Many retail stores, restaurants, or even office buildings will use this type of siding to attract customers and give them a look that stands out from the rest. 

Advantages of Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

There are many benefits to getting vinyl cedar shake siding installed on your house or another building.

Can be Customized

No matter what you want the exterior of your house to look like, you will be able to find it in vinyl shake siding. There are so many colors, textures, thicknesses, shapes, and sizes that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Low Maintenance

Once vinyl shake siding is installed, you most likely won’t need to touch it up for the time it is up. You will not have to worry about constantly cleaning it. This siding also does not require any paint or staining, like regular wood. 

Long Lasting

Vinyl shake siding lasts around 30 years without repair or having to perform any work on it. It will last through many different elements such as wind, rain, snow, bugs, etc. It is also durable to the point it will not rot or decay for the time you have it on. 

Easy to Install

This siding can be installed very quickly and easy, making the labor costs not as much. You can also put it over existing material so home renovations are made easy. 

Relatively Affordable

Vinyl siding will always be less expensive than real cedar wood. However, you are still able to get that wood look while finding a cheaper option with vinyl cedar shake siding. Since it is easy to install, low maintenance, and long lasting, you won’t have to pay for repairs or replacements. 

Good for the Environment

Most vinyl shake siding comes with an insulated backing, helping the house with loss of heat, which makes it more energy efficient. It also uses less energy to produce because of the material. Vinyl material is also recyclable, helping the environment from more waste.

Boosts Value

If you add this kind of siding to your home, it will increase its curb appeal to potential buyers seeing that it is in good shape. It can increase the home value by 7-14%, depending on other factors as well. 

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A Great Choice 


Whatever build you are needing or working on, vinyl cedar shake siding is an amazing choice. It is very versatile, allowing you to use it for many different projects. It helps you achieve that cedar wood look while also reaping the benefits of vinyl siding. If this siding is something you would be interested in, contact us or find us at Campbell’s Quality Exteriors, where we aim to help you achieve your ideal and dream home, whatever your needs and wants may be. 

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